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[READ BEFORE REPORTING] Template and Rules for reporting players

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Below is the official template for reporting players. This must be used when reporting players.

What server did it happen on? - Answer here.

Offender Steam Name - Answer here.
Offender SteamID - Answer here.

Your Steam - Answer here.
Your SteamID - Answer here.

Time & Date - Answer here.
Reason - Answer here.
Evidence & Proof - Answer here.
Witnesses - Answer here.

Rules when reporting:

  • Reports without proof will be locked and binned.
  • Reports that don't follow the template will be locked and binned.
  • Witnesses are not proof in themselves, but can strengthen other proof & evidence.
  • Suspicions against players who hack can be tipped off to staff (Admin or higher) even without proof, if done in a PM.
  • If you reply and you had nothing to do with the incident you WILL be banned based off of how many times you have done so.

Repeated breaking of these rules will result in punishment in form of suspension from the forum.


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