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Compliation of Various ideas and QOL features

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Since I could no longer edit my post for some reason...


XP Related Changes
2x XP from level 1-15 (To help alleviate the frustration of grinding to get a decent weapon by dying constantly)
Starter gifts for the first few sets of levels to help newbies get off their feet. (!gift / !gift 1/2/3 etc.)
XP Multiplier based on the time you last logged on from, up to a max of 12 hours, giving people incentive to log on for the day to earn x amount of experience at a boosted rate, after which it'd be disabled until you log off.
Double XP Recieved on Damage Done
Double Capture XP
Make both XP Boosts Purchasable
Make XP Boosts 50/100 instead of 30/60 respectively.


Item Related Changes
Add some sort of particle effect to godly weapons and armor
Finish sockets
Add purchasable CS:GO Knives with Tokens (Auto godly crafted melee weapon that does 25 damage)
Melee weapons increase move speed based on the weapon quality (base) and modifiers.
Add more melee weapons.
Ancient Quality Type (10% above normal stats on that it can roll, along with up to 3 modifiers.)
Add CW 2.0 weapons to the game and convert all current weapons to the new base weapons. (I've coded functionality with CW 2.0 several times with different gamemodes, I can do it again.)
Purchasable (with tokens) weapon skins within CW 2.0
Buy it now for Auctions


Weapon Related Changes
Besides adding a new base, I think buffing other weapons potentially is a good idea because right now everyone uses the scout. 
Buff Auto Sniper by 15% Damage, along with adding a 2nd one for higher levels.
Increase Damage of Gahlil by 20% (Yes it has higher magazine but the recoil is a lot.)
Buff SG552 Damage by 20%
Buff AK / M4 Damage by 20%
(Note: The reason being for above changes on high level rifles is because the scout is better than them despite being a lower level weapon.)


Misc Changes / QOL
Increase Buff Times to 15 minutes, and gang buff times to 20 minutes since they are pretty expensive.
Add (+50) To Derma on the gang upgrade screen to Health and Armor so new players know what it does.
Add new Derma scheme to make things look more beautiful, along with adding Icons to buffs
Add classes that are real. I'll post some later. They should define and enhance the way you like to play.
Add time left on current double XP in the donator panel. 


Class Suggestions
(note, I'd like to do a class system that gave you attribute points to allocate into %'s based on your level and prestige. 
the idea I have is you get 1 attribute point every 5 levels to allocate into whatever you please. Along with a starting amount, prestiging would add +2 to the starting amount. 

Attribute ideas are as follows.
-- % XP
-- % Money
-- % Defense
-- % Speed (Speed should increase your sv_airaccelerate - gotta bhop! :D)
-- % HP
-- % Armor
-- % Magazine Capacity (2.5% each point)
-- % Damage

And now for real classes in the meantime, in case if the above idea is not liked.

Assaulter (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000)
-- 5% XP
-- 5% Money
-- 5% Defense
-- 10% Magazine Capacity
-- 5% HP

Brute (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000)
-- 5% XP
-- 5% Money
-- 10% HP
-- 10% Armor
-- 5% Defense
-- -2.5% Move Speed

Runner (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000)

-- 5% XP
-- 5% Money
-- 15% Speed

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8 hours ago, Standin.Khalifa said:

Good ideas. Classes need more distinction between them though. Higher values to make it a real nail bitter which to use.

That was the idea behind it, the numbers can be buffed but I thought they are in a good place without making them too OP.

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