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1.6.1 Changelog (4-24-16)

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Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.1

  • Auto Refresh on leaderboard now
  • Fixed teams having a shit load of points on different rounds later game (When they rejoin)
  • Nerfed Weapon levels... (Not can we stop bitching as much please? D:)
  • Finished up Gang Buffs! (Purpose: Unlock buffs per upgrade level, and then have the option to purchase them for the whole gang!)
  • Fixed profile loading. (I think for good this time.)
  • And other shit you guys don't need to see :) <3


Second update for this patch:

  • Fixed double reloading
  • Fixed how I handled spawning in Gang Cap (No more glitching into FFA while in Gang Cap xD)
  • Re-twerked Gang Buffs (Max 3 now, fixed a bug, and Nerfed them.)
  • Added in a ts server advert.

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