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1.6 Update Changelog (4-11-16)

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  • Changed to a more efficient mysql module
  • Fixed Leaderboard offsets (Broke in an update?)
  • Fixed F3 map now showing Capture Zone names
  • MOTD shows up with F1 now
  • Attempted to add stats to other armors (Needs balanced still we know. As well as weapons.)
  • Fixed auction bidding
  • Made immunity system for gang ranks! (Only checks on setting ranks & kicking. *Online and offline*)
  • Fixed player names in gangs to show up when player is offline
  • Added the option to change minimap position on hud! Q < User < Options
  • Looked at sockets.... Then closed the tabs. Koko plz
  • Added 2 more gang upgrades. HP & Shield
  • Fixed error when people joined/leaving gangs
  • Added option to Enable/Disable cursor on scoreboard
  • Added in a system for gang buffs! Not released yet, but in the near future tho!
  • Changed DMG indicators from falling off too fast
  • Bulk buying no longer says bought 0 items for $0 if you cannot afford any items -Koko
  • Fixed not being able to put up melee weapons to the auction -Koko
  • Fixed not being able to put items to the auction from the first inventory slot -Koko
  • Fixed TimeOffset errors -Koko
  • Changed vendor models -Koko
  • Adjusted indicator fx -koko
  • Fixed multiple Chat Printing messages color codes (Annoyed me.)
  • Added in the lottery system again!
  • Added in an option for Gang Circles.
  • Added in a permission to broadcast within the gang. (Any rank inside the gang can /bc now with the permission.)
  • Fixed spawning issue with Gang Cap (Still spawned in a cap zone even when not owned. Fixed tho <3)
  • Made chat box background darker
  • Tweaked round system. Now when it is FFA ONLY, the round will ALWAYS be a "short" round.
  • Oh, and did we say, IT'S 1.6 now!

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