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  • Rules for Gangs of Glory

    1. No hacking - First offense = 24h ban and cleaned from the database. 2nd = Permanent Ban.
    2. Respect the staff and all players - Disrespecting will result in mute / kick.
    3.  Play fair - No addons / mods to make gameplay easier / unfair to others.
    4.  Do not abuse bugs - There are bugs, doesn't mean you have to abuse them.
    5.  Report all bugs / exploits / glitches - You may be rewarded for doing so!
    6.  Speak English in the chat - Keep foreign languages within your gang chat or !p
    7.  Do not troll / flame / insult - Staff have the right to mute you if you do.
    8.  No DDoS / DoS threats - mute / kick / ban depending on the threat.
    9.  No teaming up in free for all (FFA).
    10.  No crouch jumping. (No crouch + Jump or Jump + Crouch. Means the same thing, so don't use it as an excuse..)
    11.  No asking for Money/Lotteries. Will result in a Mute/Kick.
    12.  No spamming or constantly asking to join a gang, Ask and wait awhile. Will result in a mute/kick.
    13.  Admins reserve the right to enforce unfair/inappropriate acts without them being listed on the rules.

    Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.