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    1.6.3 Change Logs

    Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.3 Donation system coded in. For sure fixed inventory bug Fixed bug where gangs still continued to get points while in FFA. (Yeah, take a shot at how this was exploited. Update #2 Added more Donor Perks Fixed/Added Donator Menu Added in a /donate command to buy tokens via in-game Fixed People being dumb and breaking their gangs Switched to updated map *I know, this isn't much... But the donation system itself needed a version number, right?*
  2. Racer

    1.6.2 Changelogs

  3. Racer

    1.6.2 Changelogs

    Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.2 Nerfed noscope spread on snipers DoubleEXP image now displays on hud Added prestige system back in (Time to fix bugs!) Tweaked Gangs. Max ranks now is 10. (People found a way to bug the server this way.. Blame them for this cap)
  4. Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.1 Auto Refresh on leaderboard now Fixed teams having a shit load of points on different rounds later game (When they rejoin) Nerfed Weapon levels... (Not can we stop bitching as much please? D:) Finished up Gang Buffs! (Purpose: Unlock buffs per upgrade level, and then have the option to purchase them for the whole gang!) Fixed profile loading. (I think for good this time.) And other shit you guys don't need to see <3 Second update for this patch: Fixed double reloading Fixed how I handled spawning in Gang Cap (No more glitching into FFA while in Gang Cap xD) Re-twerked Gang Buffs (Max 3 now, fixed a bug, and Nerfed them.) Added in a ts server advert.
  5. Changed to a more efficient mysql module Fixed Leaderboard offsets (Broke in an update?) Fixed F3 map now showing Capture Zone names MOTD shows up with F1 now Attempted to add stats to other armors (Needs balanced still we know. As well as weapons.) Fixed auction bidding Made immunity system for gang ranks! (Only checks on setting ranks & kicking. *Online and offline*) Fixed player names in gangs to show up when player is offline Added the option to change minimap position on hud! Q < User < Options Looked at sockets.... Then closed the tabs. Koko plz Added 2 more gang upgrades. HP & Shield Fixed error when people joined/leaving gangs Added option to Enable/Disable cursor on scoreboard Added in a system for gang buffs! Not released yet, but in the near future tho! Changed DMG indicators from falling off too fast Bulk buying no longer says bought 0 items for $0 if you cannot afford any items -Koko Fixed not being able to put up melee weapons to the auction -Koko Fixed not being able to put items to the auction from the first inventory slot -Koko Fixed TimeOffset errors -Koko Changed vendor models -Koko Adjusted indicator fx -koko Fixed multiple Chat Printing messages color codes (Annoyed me.) Added in the lottery system again! Added in an option for Gang Circles. Added in a permission to broadcast within the gang. (Any rank inside the gang can /bc now with the permission.) Fixed spawning issue with Gang Cap (Still spawned in a cap zone even when not owned. Fixed tho <3) Made chat box background darker Tweaked round system. Now when it is FFA ONLY, the round will ALWAYS be a "short" round. Oh, and did we say, IT'S 1.6 now!