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  2. Admin application

    Nick: Youngdrifter[THeM] Age: 15 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:43011191 Timezone PST (Pacific Standard time) Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a 15 year old male that has a love for games and coding, it has been something i have done for 10 years and its gonna be that way for a while. <3 Strengths and weaknesses: i have 10/10 grammar, i have a mic, strong voice, i can get angry some what easy. How long have you been playing GoG: 5-6 days (along with the past server, before it was shut down. In your opinion, what is an Admins job: An Admins job is like a soldiers job sorta speak, the admins are respected high up ranked people. In what ways can you help improve the server: I can help by stoping hackers, helping brand spanking new players and inviting friends to the server. Why should we choose you and not another applicant: I wouldn't say you should choose me over anyone, many people have more talents than i do, but if i were to say, you should choose me over another applicant because i'm a nice caring person, i give good helping advice. i like talking to new people. Past admin experience: I have been admin on 3 server, those being 1 darkRP, 1 gmod Dayz server, and 1 purge server. I can also speak Good arbic, some german, and some spanish. <3
  3. Screenshot Memes

  4. the AK is better than it in every single way, since it has a slower fire rate, I'd say a lil bit more dmg than the AK.
  5. That was the idea behind it, the numbers can be buffed but I thought they are in a good place without making them too OP.
  6. swiftcchan #NuttyAim aimbot

    Permenantly banned // Case Closed
  7. swiftcchan #NuttyAim aimbot

    What server did it happen on? - GOG Offender Steam Name - swiftcchan #NuttyAim Offender SteamID - STEAM_0:0:411310 Your Steam - ๖ۣۜMK_blake ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Your SteamID - STEAM_0:1:1851795 Time & Date - 3:15pm est 5/24/2017 Reason - Aimbot Evidence & Proof - Witnesses - GoG.Khalifa
  8. 1.6.5 Change Log

    Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.5 Fixed adding tokens to players. Donator special rank has a max length now. Hopefully fixed double exp bug putting people at max level. Weapon and armor changes: AWP can no longer be above max level! AK-47 got a 25% buff. M4 got a 10% buff, plus a new level requirement of 30-40. AUG received a new level requirement of 50-60 along with a slight buff. M3 received a 20%~ buff. Tau and TB armors now have an upper level requirement that is not above max level. Nanosuit now has an upper bound speed boost of 45%.
  9. Compliation of Various ideas and QOL features

    Good ideas. Classes need more distinction between them though. Higher values to make it a real nail bitter which to use.
  10. Since I could no longer edit my post for some reason... XP Related Changes 2x XP from level 1-15 (To help alleviate the frustration of grinding to get a decent weapon by dying constantly) Starter gifts for the first few sets of levels to help newbies get off their feet. (!gift / !gift 1/2/3 etc.) XP Multiplier based on the time you last logged on from, up to a max of 12 hours, giving people incentive to log on for the day to earn x amount of experience at a boosted rate, after which it'd be disabled until you log off. Double XP Recieved on Damage Done Double Capture XP Make both XP Boosts Purchasable Make XP Boosts 50/100 instead of 30/60 respectively. Item Related Changes Add some sort of particle effect to godly weapons and armor Finish sockets Add purchasable CS:GO Knives with Tokens (Auto godly crafted melee weapon that does 25 damage) Melee weapons increase move speed based on the weapon quality (base) and modifiers. Add more melee weapons. Ancient Quality Type (10% above normal stats on that it can roll, along with up to 3 modifiers.) Add CW 2.0 weapons to the game and convert all current weapons to the new base weapons. (I've coded functionality with CW 2.0 several times with different gamemodes, I can do it again.) Purchasable (with tokens) weapon skins within CW 2.0 Buy it now for Auctions Weapon Related Changes Besides adding a new base, I think buffing other weapons potentially is a good idea because right now everyone uses the scout. Buff Auto Sniper by 15% Damage, along with adding a 2nd one for higher levels. Increase Damage of Gahlil by 20% (Yes it has higher magazine but the recoil is a lot.) Buff SG552 Damage by 20% Buff AK / M4 Damage by 20% (Note: The reason being for above changes on high level rifles is because the scout is better than them despite being a lower level weapon.) Misc Changes / QOL Increase Buff Times to 15 minutes, and gang buff times to 20 minutes since they are pretty expensive. Add (+50) To Derma on the gang upgrade screen to Health and Armor so new players know what it does. Add new Derma scheme to make things look more beautiful, along with adding Icons to buffs Add classes that are real. I'll post some later. They should define and enhance the way you like to play. Add time left on current double XP in the donator panel. Class Suggestions (note, I'd like to do a class system that gave you attribute points to allocate into %'s based on your level and prestige. the idea I have is you get 1 attribute point every 5 levels to allocate into whatever you please. Along with a starting amount, prestiging would add +2 to the starting amount. Attribute ideas are as follows. -- % XP -- % Money -- % Defense -- % Speed (Speed should increase your sv_airaccelerate - gotta bhop! :D) -- % HP -- % Armor -- % Magazine Capacity (2.5% each point) -- % Damage And now for real classes in the meantime, in case if the above idea is not liked. Assaulter (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000) -- 5% XP -- 5% Money -- 5% Defense -- 10% Magazine Capacity -- 5% HP Brute (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000) -- 5% XP -- 5% Money -- 10% HP -- 10% Armor -- 5% Defense -- -2.5% Move Speed Runner (Req. Prestige 0 - $250,000) -- 5% XP -- 5% Money -- 15% Speed
  11. How to become a part of our staff. Make a post on the with the following format: and then just wait until you get a response.
  12. Format for when applying for staff membership. Nick: Age: Your SteamID: Timezone (Ex: UTC+2): Tell us a bit about yourself: Strengths and weaknesses: How long have you been playing GoG: In your opinion, what is an Admins job: In what ways can you help improve the server: Why should we choose you and not another applicant: Past admin experience: We also expect you to fill these requirements: Be a nice person and respect others. At least 16 years old. Know the rules. Follow the rules and respect the decisions of those above you, but still be able to make your own decisions. You need be trustworthy, loyal and reliable. Willing to teach and guide new players.
  13. Double XP activated for the next 24 hours!
  14. Welcome on! We have officially opened!
  15. 1.6.4 Change Log

    Changelog for GoG Beta 1.6.4 Fixed Classes bug. Made inventory confirm when selling. Added a limit to chat messages. (75 characters right now) Updated adverts and info ingame to new community. Reordered perks. Tweaked draw animation for weapons. Changed and updated buffs. Icons are on the way! * Recent GMOD update made our way of maps not work anymore (a bug in the gmod), therefor the minimap is disabled until further noticed and the worldmaps are not showing a correct texture. Thanks for understanding. *
  16. Gangs of Glory is a competitive Garry's Mod game mode where players fight in gangs against other gangs. The objective of the game mode is to control capture points and eliminate the other gangs on a battlefield. To get better gear and get stronger players level and earn money from doing stuff within the game mode. To get started, join us at: [INSERT IP WHEN THE SERVER IS UP AND RUNNING HERE]

    Development is still in progress and we are working as fast as we can! PS. This is mostly just a test for the announcement feature.
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